Agricultural Business Services Agriculture is the #1 industry in the State of Maryland, and the agricultural producer is a vital part of that industry. Whether your business is growing crops, raising livestock, creating agri-tourism, supporting the industry with auxiliary services and products, or providing services and goods directly to the agricultural producer, YOUR business is a significant element to the State's economy. I would be honored to assist you in achieving your goals.

Equine Business and Legal Services - The equine industry is a significant commodity component of the agriculture community. Being informed and involved are vital to the success of your equine business or personal ownership of your horse.

    Individuals: Owning a horse is a rewarding endeavor and a huge responsibility. Just owning a horse as a hobby involves a great many risks and liabilities. Whether purchasing through a private owner, a stable, or an auction, buyers and sellers should have an attorney review all documents before signing on the dotted line!

     Businesses:  Operating an equine facility (rental, boarding, breeding, training, lessons, rescue, or sanctuary) involves a great deal of savvy and knowledge regarding required licensing, liability, and good business practices. Consider the myriad of issues involved: entity selection, syndication options, sale and purchase contracts, service contracts, liens, land use and zoning, premise liability, and staffing/employment. Assessing current and potential legalities involved in this high-risk and challenging business is available at reasonable rates!

Domestic Legal Services / Personal Planning -I can help you with wills and estate planning, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, power of attorneys, advanced medical directives, and settlement agreements. 

Mediation and Collaborative Legal Services - The adversarial system of litigation is not the only method for resolving disputes. Dissolving a marriage or a business relationship, creating satisfactory property settlement agreements, buy-sell agreements, or simply resolving a business dispute can be resolved through the collaborative law process or through a series of mediation meetings.

   The client has more control over the outcome of a dispute when utilizing mediation or a collaborative process!

    To find out if mediation or the collaborative legal process is the right approach for you, your family, or your business - contact this firm for a confidential consultation.

 It is important to note that the collaborative process
is not suitable for all domestic situations.

With over 16 years' experience, Kathleen has maintained a legal transactions and business practice primarily focusing on the equine and agricultural communities; advising and assisting livestock, crop, and agritourism businesses; and assisting equine owners on sales, leases, breeding, sports and pleasure activities and the accompanying liability issues. She has assisted numerous business enterprises and non-profit organizations in their formation and ongoing legal needs. (See "Client Page" for a list of past and current business clients.)

Kathleen has also trained as a civil mediator and collaborative law practitioner. 

Practice Areas

Legal Services Excluded. Legal services and representation is limited to those matters noted in your engagement letter. The firm does not engage in criminal, tax, immigration, or patent law, and very limited litigation practice. For those specific areas of law and for any matters beyond the competency of the firm, I will seek outside counsel to assist me in those particular matters, or to advise you to seek other counsel.

General Civil Practice

Agriculture Law

Equine Law

- Sales, Leases, Consignments, Joint Ventures, Racing Agreements, Breeding, Boarding, Lessons/Training, Liability Waivers, Livestock Liens

Business Formation & Organization

Non-Profit Formation & Organization

Employment and Business Law

Contracts - Review & Drafting

Land Use and Zoning

Wills and Estate Planning

Advanced Medical Directives & POAs

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Co-habitant Agreements

Separation Agreements

Common legal problem for boarding and veterinarian service providers:

Using the Livestock Lien.

In Maryland you must follow the statute to exercise your right to the livestock lien when someone owes you money for the care of their livestock and have failed to pay you.

MD Code, Commercial Law
Title 16. Statutory Liens on Personal Property
Subtitle 4 – Lien on Livestock

§ 16-401. Care or Custody

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